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Randa Barett is a Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher and Mentor, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Randa moved to Vancouver, BC in 2008, after being accepted into an intensive training program and now travels between Canada and the US. Randa holds her O1 American Visa, which allows her to work as a dance professional in the United States.

Randa has gained the recognition of the dance community as one of Vancouver’s sought after dancers and has had the opportunity to dance in popular TV shows, movies and networks such as Paramount +, Hallmark, Netflix, 4 Seasons of CW’s 'Riverdale', Nickelodeon's “J Team”, NBC’s “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist” and Motion Capture projects for video games. Her live performance credits include 2 contracts with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines’ ‘Anthem of the Seas’ where she toured internationally, performing as a dancer/aerialist. In addition to her performances in, Step Up 4:Revolution, BMW and the Smoke Show Cabaret. 

Randa has begun stepping behind the lens, having the opportunity to work alongside Emmy Winning Choreographer Heather Laura Gray, on a TV series and 2 Nickelodeon Movie Musicals. Randa has found great success working as an assistant choreographer for the movie ‘Monster High', which recently won the Emmy for Outstanding Choreography, as well as the popular TV series “Riverdale” Season 6. Randa recently wrapped as assistant choreographer on the upcoming movie sequel 'Monster High 2’. 


Arriving to Vancouver at age 19, Randa trained extensively in hip hop, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, partnering, ballet and acting. Randa then joined a hip hop company for 2 years, wanting to expand her knowledge and channel her focus in the art form. Training in styles such as popping, locking, breaking, battling and the vast amount of hip hop styles. Through her intensive knowledge in hip hop she travelled to Las Vegas and trained with pioneers such as Jimmy ‘Scoo B Doo’ Foster, Keeley "LockN' Key” and Teresa Espinosa. Randa has also trained in cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Seattle with world renowned dance professionals. In addition to dance, Randa found a love for aerial hoop and it is one of the many skills she actively works on. Over the years she has continued to maintain her comprehensive collection of dance styles, knowing the importance of being well rounded in the industry. 

Randa has a true connection to teaching and mentoring. She believes in giving back to the community and helping the younger generations pursue their dreams. Randa recently launched her own Mentorship Program for young artists to join. The mentorship program provides a thorough understanding of the industry, how to prepare and what it takes to work as a professional dance artist. 

Passion exudes from Randa. Her assertiveness, organizational skills, physical skill, hunger to learn and artistic eyes & brain are valuable to have in any room. Randa is currently exploring her choreographic voice and is excited to see where life continues to take her as a Dance Artist, here in Canada and the United States. 

2024 Dance/Performance Reel
2024 Choreography Reel

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